top five nootropics 2019

Usage of nootropics, or smart drugs is definitely trending. It is vital that anyone that wants to try and boost their brain makes the necessary research before using them.

Nootropics can be natural or synthetic and they can also be prescription substances. This articles will not cover any prescription drugs but rather those that are available to the all of us.

1.    L-Theanine

For long, caffeine has been the most widely used nootropic (and it still is). However, caffeine does come with a lot of side effects, such as caffeine crashes and jitteriness.

L-theanine is an amino acid. It is well found in tea, especially green-tea. One of the reason why L-theanine ends up number 1 is because the amount of studies made in the past year have been extensive and even though a lot more research can be done – it is a good merit for any supplement.

Most studies show that L-theanine can have a calming effect without causing drowsiness, which translates into better focus – or rather, easier to focus and concentrate. Some studies shows that the effects starts after just 50 mg, which would be around two cups of green-tea.

For anybody that isn’t ready to replace L-theanine with caffeine just yet, don’t worry – studies have also shown that the trending amino acid can remove the negative effects of caffeine, making the caffeine rush more “smooth”,

2.    Caffeine

Even though not the number one anymore, the world consumes so much of this natural nootropic for a reason. It works. However… it is important to know HOW caffeine works:

Caffeine blocks the adenosine receptors you have in your brain. This in turn makes you feel less tired. So the common misperception that caffeine will give you energy isn’t just true. Caffeine tricks your body that you aren’t tired, when in face you were (when you started pouring that afternoon cup).

What happens after the effect wears off?

So after 6 hours roughly… the effects wears off and you can get a massive caffeine crash, your body and mind feels tired again – but now even worse, as you probably haven’t rested those 6 hours, when in fact your body were trying to tell you to rest in the first place.

3.    Creatine

Whilst this nootropic is usually used to build muscle, it should be considered a nootropic. The amino acid binds with phosphate creating a molecule that makes it easier for your brain to boost. This is in turn connected with increased short-term memory and creative skills.

4.    Ginkgo Biloba

This nootropic has shown to improve memory and processing speed. The nootropics is widely used by people that experiences a lot of stress. In many ways, the effect is similar to L-theanine but the substance hasn’t been studies as extensively.

5.    Bacopa Monnieri

This nootropic is a natural herb that have shown to improve processing speed and reaction skills. The effects of this drug are not immediate and needs to be taken under a longer period of time.


This are our current top five, however we are always reviewing new nootropics and new research papers – so this blog post will be dynamic and update continuously. If you have any comments please share them with us.

And as always, stay informed and up to date!

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